Playing Fabric Antwerp Dam

How can we formulate a relevant program for sporting and playing in public space?

Policy Plan Kasterlee

How can we look to the future together with the entire community?

City-building 2.0

How can we create a new generation of urban public buildings?

Repurposed church Sint-Servatiuskerk in Klein-Ravels

How can we give churches a meaningful new purpose?

Team vivid cores

How can we work together to create attractive trade centers?

Delta Atelier Management

How can we manage public space with citizens?

Egelsvennen Mol

How can we To revalue a vulnerable residential area with heritage value while adapting it to the climate challenges, needs and wishes of today's residents.

To + Them (Leertraject Tijdelijke Werkplekken)

How can we let temporary workplaces learn from each other?

Learning Network Sustainable Cities

How can we shape a learning network on sustainable neighbourhoods for various Flemish institutions?

Safety in Public Space

How can we design safe public space?


How can we put a region back on the mental map?

Sustainable Urban Development Mortsel

How can we deal with densification in urban areas?

Studio Stadswaag

How can we make way for art integration in public space?

Open Call Station Area Ruisbroek

How can we turn a transit zone into a residential zone as well?

Urban Development Roeselare

How can we use the redevelopment of a street as a leverage for urban redevelopment?

Westende Bad

How can we compact and renew at the coast?

Promising Young Architects

How can we use architecture to share?

Citizen initiatives and the power of spaces

How can we understand the relations between citizen initiatives and spaces?


How can we develop a platform to cooperative redevelop underused buildings?

Transformation project 'Reparcelling Wondelgem'

How can we actually transform suburbs?

Policy Plan Puurs

How can we think long-term about living, working and mobility?

Participation support for AWV-Limburg

How can we start a conversation about infrastructure?

Complex project 'A New Border'

How can we build a framework for complex regional infrastructure?

Youth Participation Ninove

How can we involve children in drawing a vision for a new neighbourhood?

Social Neighbourhoods

How can we strengthen social cohesion in neighbourhoods?

Master Plan National Park Kalmthoutse Heide

How can we give nature a chance in Flanders?

The social value of heritage

How can we capture the social value of heritage?

Playing Fabric Beerse

How can we characterise a play environment together with children and young people?

Knowledge sharing Strategic Projects

How can we share knowledge about supra-local planning processes?

Green playing villages

How can we get children and youth to play more outside in green spaces?

Den Dam 2060

How can we participate in the development of a neighbourhood?

Assessment framework heritage

How can we consider the role of heritage in spatial development?

Train Station Environments

How can we build better train station environments?

Masterplan Bijloke Ghent

How can we design a masterplan with 20 cultural organisations?

Playing Fabric Leuven

How can we give children a voice in designing their own play environment?

Begijnendreef Turnhout

How can we create a circular hub with a city and its inhabitants?

Let's buy the Police Tower

How can we collectively buy and develop a highrise?

Participation Herne

How can we redevelop a village centre with its inhabitants?

Climate Adaptation East Flanders

How can we design actions for climate adaptation together with municipalities?

DNA of the village Paradijs

How can we discover the DNA of their village together with residents?

Study Muide-Meulestede Ghent

How can we co-create a neighbourhood agenda?

Policy Plan Herentals

How can we make a cross-community spatial plan?

Urban vision Ghent

How can we collaborate better in creating public space?

Participation support for Province of Antwerp

How can we start a socio-spatial dialogue in the province of Antwerp?

Urban Renewal Project Otterstraat Turnhout

How can we redevelop a neighbourhood economically and socially?

Green bicycle structure Kortrijk

How can we envision four kilometers of bicycle green structure?

Living Lab BRV

How can we deploy new instruments for densification?

Participation support for the City of Hasselt

How can we start a socio-spatial dialogue in the city of Hasselt?

Repurposing The Aa Site in Leuven

How can we develop a strategy for alternative city-making?

City Hall Leuven

How can we transform a city hall into a 'hall for the city'?

Feasibility study Graventoren & Getijdenmolen Rupelmonde

How can we use heritage as a tourist destination?

Behavioral Study 1 - Compact living

How can we live more compact in Flanders?

Motion scans

How can we get people moving in public space?

Plateau Ban-Eik in Wezembeek Oppem

How can we start long-term thinking in social housing districts?

Publication 'End of Mandate Bouwmeester Maître Architecte'

How can we bring together ten years of achievements?


How can we reimagine collective space in social housing?

Sealevel rising strategy

How can we set up a regional-wide conversation about the rising sea level?

DNA of the village Moorsele

How can we discover the DNA of their village together with residents?

Turnhoutsebaan Antwerp

How can we unveil the different faces of a much-discussed urban road?

Masterplan 2050 UGent

How can we develop a vision for the transition to a sustainable university?

Repurposed church Sint-Jozefskerk Mortsel

How can we give churches a meaningful new purpose?

Side Roads Liedekerke

How can we develop socio-spatial strategies for a dense fabric?

Positive energy districts

How can we manage uncertainty in positive energy district design?

HEIM - living in diversity

How can we support integration by design?

Toolbox 'City Trees'

How can we grow networks of trees throughout the city?


How can we identify modes of learning outside formal settings?

Blue Boulevard Hasselt

How can we together create an ambition framework for the development of a new neighborhood?

Working differently on living

How can we connect living and working?

DNA of the village Passendaele

How can we discover the DNA of their village together with residents?

Blueprint Beveren

How can we transform an urban area?

Study trip University of Antwerp

How can we organise a covid-proof study trip?

Master Plan Landscape park Zwin

How can we preserve and enhance the qualities of our landscape

The Turnhoutsebaan is Transforming

How can we combine traffic and meetingspaces?

Masterplan Lint

How can we densify and integrate social housing in the city?

Operation Open Space

How can we strengthen our open space?

Louisalaan - Naamsepoort

How can we include the needs of neighbours in a masterplan?

Softening the Playground Study

How can we help schools to sustainably redevelop their playgrounds?

Citadel Diest

How can we set up a PPS based on local values?

Study Dry-docks Antwerp

How can we create a new future together for a historic port site?

Participation Studio sogent

How can we empowere governments in the art of participation?

Masterplan Sint-Job

How can we support municipalities in their leisure infrastructure?

Participation support for AWV-Oost-Vlaanderen

How can we start a conversation about infrastructure?

Anticipatory repurposing

How can we anticipate demand for space?

Dansaert Dreams

How can we rethink a neighbourhood with shop owners?

Stadium Beringen Mine

How can we revive a historic football stadium?

DNA of the village Koksijde

How can we discover the DNA of their village together with residents?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 2: Parc South

How can we connect and give breathing space to neighborhoods around a ringroad?

Behavioral Study 3 - Living Influencers

How can we influence the living behaviour in Flanders?

Repurposed church Sint-Jozef Ambachtsman Ginderbuiten

How can we give churches a meaningful new purpose?

Masterplan Campus Offerlaan

How can we make a masterplan with 6 very different schools and their pupils?

Energy Transition Pajottenland

How can we tailor the energy transition to a landscape?


How can we convert a tunnel roof to a residential function?


How can we develop an adaptable, affordable and circular housing model?

Brownfield best-practices

How can we share knowledge about brownfield development?

Participation Studio

How can we empower municipalities in the art of participation?

Transport Region Kempen

How can we achieve a sustainable mobility shift in Kempen region?

Train Station Laken

How can we develop a former train station into a socio-cultural hub?

Mijn kijk op de wijk

How can we map out a neighbourhood by foot?

Break out!-Campaign

How can we encourage citizens to break out stones?

Behavioral Study 2 - Transport and Facilities

How can we better understand behavioural choices in relation to facilities?

Beringen Mine

How can we activate mining heritage in service of a neigbourhood?

Participation support for AWV-Antwerpen

How can we start a conversation about infrastructure?

Livingneighbourhood Muizen

How can we revitalize neighborhoods?

Publiaction '10 years Endeavour'

How can we celebrate ten years of Endeavour?

Sustainable Development Plan Brussels 2020-40

How can we co-create the sustainable development plan of Brussels?


How can we set up an alternative educational programme for city makers?

Cultural House Hoogstraten

How can we envision a cultural centre as 'third place'?

Participation framework Flemish State Architect

How can we integrate meaningful participation in spatial design projects?

Real Estate Strategy for Global Works Lier Region

How can we provide more temporary emergency and transit housing?

Study Living in Geraardsbergen

How can we set up a municipality-wide conversation about housing?

Masterplan Heverlee

How can we connect two separated areas in a city?

Parc Schelde Wetteren

How can we bring together the spatial issues and spatial ambitions around the Scheldt?

Luxembourg in Transition

How can we use soil and people as the foundation for a national transition?

Bovenbouw special

How can we build faster and more sustainably?

Nieuwkerken Sint Niklaas

How can we create an attractive residential environment for the elderly?


How can we give recreation a future around the lake of Donk?

Study Flemish Calls

How can we increase the impact of spatial calls by the Flemish Government?

Molen 41

How can we create a collective outdoor space for social housing?

Study trip to Milan

How can we inspire students in Milan?

Repurposing profiles for churches

How can we streamline the repurposing of churches?

Co-creation process 'Inner area Lier'

How can we strengthen inner areas?

Make Zaanstad

How can we rethink the approach to participatory area development?

Back to the source

How can we employ citizen science to help inventorize springs?

Leader project Shared Farm Roads

How can we avoid conflict situations on agricultural roads?

Masterplan VUB

How can we activate local knowledge to design a university campus?

Complex Project Viaduct Gentbrugge

How can we work towards an integrated vision for the future of the viaduct?

Urban Forests

How can we bridge the gap between forestry and urban planning?

DUT 'Positive Energy Districts'

How can we work on Positive Energy Districts in vulnerable neighbourhoods?

Study 'Transgressive behavior in public space'

How can we combat transgressive behavior in public spaces?

Study 'Zero pollution'

How can we create awareness around pollution?

Repurposed church Massenhove

How can we give churches a meaningful new purpose?

Masterplan Dilbeek

How can we combine different public programs in a neighborhood?

Climate Adaptation Strategy Antwerp

How can we co-create a climate adaptation strategy for a metropolis?

Antwerp Ringroad Phase 1: East

How can we reconnect two neighborhoods disconnected by a ringroad?

Circular Economy Houthalen-Helchteren

How can we work towards a circular business park?

Making the construction process more sustainable

How can we facilitate sustainable construction?


How can we make a city for and by women?

LO2020 Genk

How can we activate unknown urban areas?

Summerschool VAi 2017

How can we empower children in shaping their cities?

Spatial lessons from the coronapandemic: Trends, scenarios and challenges

How can we understand the spatial impact of Corona in Flemish cities and municipalities from different sectors and learn from it for the future?

Supervision school projects for City Education in Antwerp

How can we learn from the dialogue between a school, the neighbors and stakeholders?

Energy landscapes OVK-Waas

How can we cooperatively shape the energy transition at a regional level?

Expo 2018

How can we collectively curate art in our neighbourhoods?

Living Study Ghent

How can we prepare a new housing policy in Ghent?

Master Plans Noorderwijk & Morkhoven

How can we build a vision for the future together with villagers?

Participation studio 2.0

How can we empower organisations in the art of participation?

The Kruierie Balen

How can we allow existing and new partners of a library and leisure centre to create a third place?

Mission and vision for Heempark Genk

How can we work with volunteers to build a climate-robust and healthy?

Socially just 'building shift'

How can we make the construction shift socially equitable?

Social dimension of environmental policy

How can we make environmental policy more equitable?

Neighbourhood development Runkst

How can we draw up a future plan for a neighbourhood?

Study ABO-axis

How can we rethinking a mobility axis as a lab for urban renewal?

Upkot around the Loop in Ghent

How can we shape a vibrant new city district?

Repurposed church Poppel

How can we give churches a meaningful new purpose?

Turnhout city farm

How can we bring together enthusiastic entrepreneurs to make a sustainable place?

Research Focus Environmental Department

How can we co-create a 10-year departmental research focus?

Toolbox 'a spatial shift of opportunities'

How can we experience the opportunities of the 'bouwshift' yourself?

Studio Repurposing Churches

How can we redevelop empty churches to serve communities?

Cooperative Housing Study

How can we scale up an alternative to buying or renting in Belgium?

Vlaio Living Lab

How can we combe the advantages of buying and renting?


How can we repurpose an unnecessary airport?

Study trip Vienna

How can we inspire students in Vienna?

Repurposed church Sint-Catharinakerk Kiel `

How can we give churches a meaningful new purpose?

Gent St-Pieters development pt.2

How can we rethink the area around one of Belgium's busiest train stations?